What’s More in TriLakes?

What’s More in TriLakes?

We do regular market updates for areas around the Pikes Peak Region. This week we are taking a look at the Tri-Lakes Area. The Tri-Lakes Area is located in Monument, Colorado. This area is popular due to the areas natural beauty, abundance of recreational activities and its’ proximity to both Colorado Springs and Denver.

 Homes in the area are generally larger here as are lot sizes, oh and the prices are as well!

 Here is a look at the statistics for the Monument, Colorado Real Estate Market since March 1st. of 2014: 

Averages For Monument, Colorado Real Estate  
$125,000  Lowest Priced Sale 
$1,230,000 Highest Priced Sale
$399,557 Average Sales Price
$366,000 Median Sales Price
3,597 Average Square Footage
4.14 Average Number of Bedrooms
3.47 Average Number of Baths
48,840 Average Lot Square Footage
$111.09 Average Price Per Square Foot

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