Top 6 Ramen, Pho, & Poké Restaurants in Colorado Springs

Top 6 Ramen, Pho, & Poké Restaurants in Colorado Springs

Top 6 Ramen, Pho, & Poké Restaurants in Colorado Springs

Calling all noodle and fish fans! We have rounded up new and popular ramen, pho, and poké restaurants around Colorado Springs. And no, this isn’t your college-budget ramen we’re talking. Get your hands on these traditional Japanese, Vietnamese, and Hawaiian dishes locally!

1. Oka Ramen – West / Manitou

Three locations around Colorado Springs: Centennial Blvd, North Academy Blvd, and their newest on Manitou Ave. Offering stir fry and ramen noodle entrees, along with fried rice and bowls.

“Delicious and light fare especially for those who have just come off a great Incline or other local workout. ” – Frank M.

2. Roosters House of Ramen – Downtown

This downtown gem is constantly rotating their menu making room for your new favorites. With the urban vibe and graffiti wall art, this ramen is more along the lines of non-traditional, yet overflowing with flavor.

“I will never eat at another noodle bar without comparing it to the Rooster!” – Silvana T.

Top pho restaurants in Colorado Springs

3. Pho Buddy – Southeast

You’ll find authentic pho and Vietnamese sandwiches cooked to perfection off South Academy at Pho Buddy. Reviewers rave about the menu selection and value. Dine-in or take out, just don’t forget to order your boba smoothie!

“Twice in one Week! Yes it is that good!” – Silvana T.

4. Pho House – Northgate

Since the end of 2018, excellent pho can be found on the north end of Colorado Springs as well! Pho House is located off Voyager Pkwy. Along with pho, rice platters and noodle bowls are also served. Colorado Springs’ food scene, while smaller than Denver’s, doesn’t disappoint with flavor.

“My whole party agreed that the broth here was as good as the pho restaurants we used to frequent back in Aurora.” –Sarah H.

Poké Bop in Colorado Springs

5. Poké Bop – Northeast

Poké is relatively new to Colorado Springs, and has only been popular in the United States since 2012. One of the newer arrivals is Poké Bop, located off North Academy. If you’ve never had poké, think sushi but in a bowl or wrap. This “fast casual” restaurant offers a build-your-own style of ordering, or opt for signature dishes. This stop should definitely be on the health-conscious eater’s list.

“They have a ton of recipe options and everything was extremely fresh.” – Sarah F.

Osae Sushi Ramen Bistro in Colorado Springs

6. O’sae Sushi Ramen Bistro – Powers

Rounding out our list is a place that offers both ramen and poké, plus a variety of other Japenese cuisines. O’sae, located off Peterson Rd, has a great location for those working at Peterson Air Force Base to venture somewhere for lunch. O’sae’s options pack flavor and your choice of heat. You’re sure to leave full and happy.

“Additions, like the fried crab stuffed jalapeño, marinated seaweed and cucumber salads made it very delicious and interesting.” – Eric S.